Exchanges in The Virtual Currency Wallet

An effective exchange platform for the exchange of various virtual currencies at the market rates. We facilitate various online traders to act as an intermediate between buyers. Effective and secure software for the transfer of various virtual currencies.

Objectives of Proof of Concept

  • Cheaper and faster transactions
  • Plethora of completely decentralized options
  • Mine your own virtual currency
  • Tailored Investment advice
  • Auto public key generation

Pros of Multi-Virtual Currency Wallet

Integration And Support of Multi-Currency

It supports multi currency feature in the wallets that provides you with an option of easy access to various types of currencies and facilitates their easy transaction.

Accounts Payable Audit

Accountable and secure software which protects the transactions for any kind of fraud or other threat. The wallet has inbuilt 2-factor authentication protocol.

Automatic Logout of The Session

Every wallet requires a certain type of security in which the session automatically expires after a certain time limit.

Profit From Inflation Investment

Every virtual currency will contain its underlying value after it surpasses a specific level as the quantity of the virtual currency cannot exceed a certain value/amount.

Characteristics of Multi-Currency Wallet

Multi-Factor Authentication

To maintain a secure user account address.

Commonly Used Addresses

Easy access to various types of addresses.

Development of Wallet With Intrinsic Features

To be able to scan and process paper.

QR Code Generator

To send and receive digital currencies in a single click.

Push Notifications

Notifications/Alerts when there is any latest update in the value of the currencies.


It provides secure services that protect the account with the password or pin.

Favorable Session Logout

Easy and automatic logout of the users from the account.